Posted in Uncategorized on June 8, 2009 by queercaf

This is the new contact point for the Bristol Queer Caf. (We hope) this will be the space to check out what we’re up to, for us to post relevant info on what’s coming up, plus post various other info about queer issues we’re working on, for people to share.

Here’s a bit about us for now:

We are a small group of queers in Bristol who are creating radical DIY spaces in Bristol. We feel that Bristol is drastically lacking in explicitly anti-commercial queer spaces.

We want spaces that don’t repress and constrain our sexualities, where we can hang out, create, organise, share skills, flirt, watch films or perform without someone making a profit…

We’d like a space where we can actually communicate with each other, a space away from the Bristol gay meat market.

Queer doesn’t necessarily mean gay, or bi. “Queer” has different meanings to different people. To some people “queer” means an identity that cannot be contained in existing labels of “homo”, “bi”, “trans”, “lesbian”. To other people it means making gender and sexuality definitions void. To some people it says something about who they are, to others it says something about who they fuck or how they fuck. It is inclusive of, but not limited to trans, bi, lesbian, BDSM, gay, asexual, genderqueers, drag kings, mtf, femmes, queerbois, dykes, ftm, drag queens, butches…

We hold monthly queer cafe’s at Kebele, a radical social centre in Easton Some of us are involved in Kebele as a project and for us it’s a central part of our community, but we think it needs queering up ;)…

We are also looking to use other spaces in Bristol, we have so far used a Secret Warehouse location in Montpelier, Cafe Kino and St Werburghs Community Centre.